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Arbitration Between the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Slovenia 


On 4 November 2009, the Government of The Republic of Croatia and The Government of the Republic of Slovenia signed an agreement to submit their territorial and maritime dispute to arbitration. The Permanent Court of Arbitration acts as Registry in this arbitration.


The Arbitral Tribunal is composed of the following members:


Judge Gilbert Guillaume
Professor Vaughan Lowe QC
Judge Bruno Simma
Dr. Jernej Sekolec
Professor Budislav Vukas


The Republic of Croatia is represented by:


Agent:              Professor Maja Seršić, Head of the Department of International Law, 

                       University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law


Co-Agent:         H.E. Ms. Andreja Metelko-Zgombić, Ambassador, Director-General,

                        Directorate for European Law, International Law and Consular Affairs,

                        Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs


Counsel and      Professor James Crawford SC, Matrix Chambers, London

Advocates:        Professor Zachary Douglas, Matrix Chambers, London
                        Mr. Paul Reichler, Foley Hoag LLP, Washington D.C.
                        Professor Philippe Sands QC, Matrix Chambers, London
                        Ms. Anjolie Singh
                        Professor Davor Vidas


The Republic of Slovenia is represented by:


Agents:            Professor Mirjam Škrk, Head of the Chair of International Law,

                       Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana
                       H.E. Ms. Simona Drenik, LLM, Minister Plenipotentiary, Legal Advisor,

                       Cabinet of the Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Counsel and     Mr. Rodman R. Bundy, Eversheds LLP, Singapore
Advocates:       Mr. Daniel Müller 
                       Professor Alain Pellet 
                       Sir Michael Wood, 20 Essex Street, London


Assistants to     Ms. Natasha Harrington, Eversheds LLP, Paris

Counsel:          Dr. Maja Menard

                       Ms. Alina Miron

                       Mr. Eran Sthoeger



The Arbitral Tribunal holds First Procedural Meeting with the Parties.