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The PCA is selective in its admissions policy. Due to limited places not all qualified applicants can be offered an Internship.
We regret that in view of the volume of applications, only successful applicants will be contacted.

Applicants are advised to inform the PCA of any change of address before decisions come due.



Successful and unsuccessful applicants may renew their application once, and only for the term immediately following the term for which they originally applied.


To renew an application, a renewal letter must be received at the PCA no later than thirty days following the date of the decision letter. Additional documentation for the purposes of updating the application package, if any, may be submitted up to the application deadline of the renewal term.

Applicants who

    1. are twice unsuccessful; or
    2. do not state their intention to renew within the thirty-day time limit; or
    3. have declined offers of internship for two consecutive terms

must follow the “Application Procedure” (above). That is, they must submit a complete application package as though applying for the first time.



Offers of an internship are specific to a given term. Successful applicants therefore do not have the option to defer an internship to a later term.


Successful applicants who are unable to accept an offer of an internship are asked to inform the PCA at once.


Applicants who decline an offer and wish to be considered for the following term must follow the renewal procedure (above).