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Application Procedure


There is no application form. Applicants must submit an application package consisting of the following documents:


  • a cover letter that indicates:
      1. the desired term;
      2. a short statement about how the applicant expects to benefit from the program and/or what the applicant hopes to contribute to the organization; and
      3. a description of areas of interest and knowledge of law
  • curriculum vitae
  • a letter of recommendation from a professor or senior professional
  • copies of academic transcripts
  • proof of proficiency in a PCA working language (for non-native speakers of a PCA working language only, see above)

To be considered, application packages must be complete. If all the above-listed documents are not available to the applicant before the application deadline, the missing documents may be submitted separately provided that the cover letter clearly notes an expected follow-up date.


Application packages may be submitted electronically or in hard copy. See “Contact and Other Information” below for the e-mail and postal address.

Application Deadlines


Complete application packages can be submitted at any time up to four months prior to the beginning of the desired term. Application deadlines are thus:


September 1, for Term 1;

December 1, for Term 2;

March 1, for Term 3; and

June 1, for Term 4.